Giants lefties are no dummies

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Giants pitchers won’t face hitters in “live” batting practice for another couple of days, but Jack Taschner and Alex Hinshaw got a head start Tuesday.

The pair of left-handed relievers, who will be called upon often against left-handed batters this season, threw their bullpen sessions with something called the “Ultimate Pitchers’ Tool” situated in the left-handed batter’s box.

The “Tool” was a plastic dummy about the size of an average big leaguer, poised in a batting stance and gripping a plastic bat. Its presence gave Taschner and Hinshaw a semblance of the challenge they’ll confront this year.

“It kind of brought me back to that scene in ‘Major League’ when Rick Vaughn takes that dummy’s head off,” Hinshaw said.

He and Taschner did nothing of the sort. Instead, each threw several darting pitches that might have handcuffed a living, breathing hitter.


While you explained the dummie I also couldn’t help but think of the Major League scene with Charle Sheen breaking the head off of the metal cut out. What a great movie!

Get Vaughn up! lol I totally pictured that movie.

~King of Cali

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