Guzman, P.S.

PHOENIX, Ariz. — In Friday’s second inning, Jesus Guzman, playing third base for the Giants, dropped Jermaine Dye’s leadoff smash but recovered the ball quickly, as solid infielders do. Then Guzman overthrew first base, as solid infielders don’t. Thus, two of Chicago’s three runs in the inning were unearned.

True, Guzman saved Thursday’s victory over the White Sox with a diving play to his right. But he’s clearly inconsistent afield.

And his hitting skills would atrophy if the Giants kept him on the Opening Day roster as a reserve. To repeat, he has to play, hit and improve defensively, even if the improvement is only marginal.

— Chris H. 


He leads MLB in total bases and slugging and all but 2 games he’s been coming off the bench. Clearly he can thrive as a part time player. SF needs his bat, I’ll put up with a few E’s, no way he should get sent down. He can work on his D up here, that’s what coaches are for. We need power right now, he’s a hitting machine, keep him on the roster.

This guy is clobbering the ball better than every other Cactus League Major Leaguer, in the same dry air as every other Cactus League Major Leaguer. He is doing this off the bench. He has 3 errors, not 15. Who cares about his past? I know reporters dwell on players’ past performances, but often it has no bearing. Players with good past performances aren’t locks to continue that and those with poor past performances can make all star teams. If his bat remains hot all spring, he should make the club, so he can continue to contribute off the bench as he has contributed off the bench all Spring. He excells off the bench, he’s a beast off the bench, so keep him there, on the bench, on the opening day roster. Jeez, how hard is this?

Hey DK9rfan!

Why would you leave him on the bench? If this guy isn’t ready to start, send him to the minors where he’ll play 50 defensive innings a week.

Get him ready to do some damage in the upcoming years.

Heck, send J.T. to Fresno with him and let me work with the kid.

Personally I hope they just make him a quick study at first and let him start at the Major League level, but if not, let him at least go play everyday, right????

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