Celebrating Lincecum and themselves

SAN FRANCISCO — The highlight of Wednesday night’s pregame ceremony in which Tim Lincecum was publicly presented with his Cy Young Award plaque (he initially received it at the Baseball Writers’ Association of America dinner in January) was the fan reaction.

Lincecum, the symbol of the franchise’s hope, received a standing ovation lasting nearly 30 seconds, reflecting the ardor he has inspired during a Major League career that’s not yet two years old.

Any Giants fan older than 45 years old probably savored hearing Mike McCormick, the club’s only other Cy Young recipient who received the honor in 1967, say while introducing Lincecum, “I’ve been waiting 41 years to pass the torch.”

Lincecum was gracious once he took the microphone, thanking “the best fans in baseball” and his father, Chris, who taught him his unique pitching mechanics. He also shook hands with each of his teammates, who had gathered behind him during the ceremony, as they left the field.

Just before that, Lincecum said in exhortation over the mike, “Let’s go get them in 2009.”

— Chris Haft 

1 Comment

The ceremony was amazing.🙂 Wooohooo Timmy!😀
The game? …not so much.😦

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