Mr. Renteria, meet Mr. Burriss

SAN DIEGO — Shortstop Edgar Renteria and second baseman Emmanuel Burriss collaborated on a first-inning goof Friday that didn’t generate a run for the Padres but, in a more crucial situation, would be disastrous for the Giants — not to mention embarrassing.

Fortunately for the Giants, the misplay proved to be educational for the pair of middle infielders.

With Chase Headley on first base, Kevin Kouzmanoff on second, two outs and three runs in off Barry Zito, Luis Rodriguez hit a simple grounder to Burriss, who flipped the ball to second base for the inning-ending forceout. Except Renteria, who was playing Rodriguez over in the hole, wasn’t expecting to cover second and dashed madly to get there once he realized what his teammate was doing. Headley slid in safely before Renteria could step on the bag, loading the bases. Pitcher Shawn Hill popped up to end the inning, but Renteria and Burriss needed to talk. After the inning, they did.

“That comes from having only a spring together,” Burriss said. “I think it caught everybody by surprise. But I think you won’t see that again. We got it together. it’s a learning process, especially me being new to second base and being new to him.”


I’m glad they got that out of the way and that it didn’t affect the score!

That’s big of Burriss to take responsibility, but I don’t think it’s his fault. That was the easy play, and Renteria should never assume what his teammates might do. He should cover the base whether he things the ball is coming to him or not.

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