Are the starters really that bad? Likely, no

SAN DIEGO — At the risk of contradicting myself, I’m about to point out the redeeming qualities of the mostly underwhelming performances by the Giants’ starting pitchers through the first turn of the rotation.

As noted in Saturday night’s final game report, the rotation’s 6.46 ERA won’t help the Giants win. But, after all, it was just the first go-round. And if you really wanted to pick apart each game, you can see that quality exists. It’s just a matter of each pitcher gaining consistency. For example:

Opening Day starter Tim Lincecum struck out five in three innings. He lacked fastball command, allowing three runs in three innings, but there’s nothing wrong with his arm.

The next night, Randy Johnson remained in control until his fifth and final inning. If he can keep the ball in the park (homers accounted for all four runs off him), he’ll win more than he loses.

Matt Cain’s Thursday performance (one run and four hits allowed in seven innings) was beyond reproach.

Barry Zito looked so smooth in his final three innings Friday that you wonder how he would have done if he hadn’t stepped all over himself in the first inning (39 pitches, three runs).

Jonathan Sanchez was absolutely dominant, striking out five of the six Padres he faced in the first two innings. Then Henry Blanco took him deep twice, which was inexcusable, and he lost his release point.

As they say, if ifs and buts were candies and nuts, I could make a small fortune selling trail mix. But you can see how, with a little tweak here and there, the rotation could and should round into shape relatively soon.

— Chris Haft


I agree with you – although all the losses were disappointing, each one showed a glimmer of hope. I’m still optimistic! I hope the second run through the rotation will prove more rewarding to the Giants than the first.

And speaking of BUSTER POSEY..on the radio shows today. To me -it WAS a dirty play. He meant to do damgae. On another level..ALL the previous year I was posting Buster isn’t catcher material. AND the Splash Giant fantaics/AndyBaggs guys hated to hear that.Buster Posey was getting hurt on things other catchers brushed off..pitches fouled gave him concussions,or it was a combination of his stance that exacerbated his hurt by fouls..whatever the reason I could see it coming he wouldnt last as a catcher. Then he was blown up by the Marlins.The Giants would have to be fools to make Posey a catcher ever again-mark my word. And my word was plenty good the first time.

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