More on Martinez

SAN DIEGO — Something that escaped my sieve-like mind earlier was the development that Giants right-hander Joe Martinez had been moved from the Intensive Care unit at a San Francisco hospital into a regular room. This sounds like the prelude to Martinez’s being releaed from the hospital for good, which was supposed to happen in two or three days. Though he’s on the 15-day disabled list, I’m sure his teammates can’t wait to see him.

In case you missed it, Martinez was hit on the right side of his forehead Thursday against Milwaukee on a drive struck by Mike Cameron. Everyody ates The accident left Martinez with a big black eye, three hairline fractures in his skull, a consission and internal bleeding.

— Chris Haft




I ‘ates it when I am out a’piratin’ an ah gets a consission too!
Aaargh! Methinks you ought pirate a spellchecker!

The Brewers sent him a nice gift pack. I’m figuring it was loaded with beer and sausages and cheese…enough to give him more of a headache

Thanks for the update on Joe Martinez! Could you please tell us when he leaves the hospital also?

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