Cain’s non-complaint; Martinez out of hospital

LOS ANGELES — Rarely will a pitcher differ with an umpire as calmly as Matt Cain did Wednesday night.

Asked if the 3-2 fastball he threw to Los Angeles’ Russell Martin was a strike — which was the way it looked — Cain said he thought it was. But instead of growling about plate umpire Ed Rapuano, Cain pointed out that Rapuano called balls on pitches in that low area all night. Thus, both Cain and Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers knew what to expect.

“He stayed consistent with the zone. You can’t fault him,” said Cain, even though Rapuano’s call hurt Cain, who also walked the next batter, James Loney, to force in a run.


Right-hander Joe Martinez is out of the hospital, which is good news. But, remember, he’s not expected to resume physical activity for close to another month while those three hairline fractures, courtesy of Mike Cameron’s line drive, heal in his forehead.

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Matt Cain is so incredibly mature – I love it. It really sucks that he’s the one that gets so little run support, but I am always amazed at how it never brings him down. At least he didn’t get the loss on Wednesday, because he totally didn’t deserve it.

That is really great news that Joe Martinez is finally out of the hospital!! I can’t wait until he comes back!! I couldn’t help but notice that the only two games we won were the games that he pitched in, and that we haven’t won since he got injured….. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, but thought that was interesting nonetheless.

I really hope the Giants can turn it around against Arizona!
P.S. Thanks for the nice response to my last comment🙂

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