Joe Martinez, superhuman

SAN FRANCISCO — Dr. Anthony Saglimbeni’s praise of Joe Martinez might have been a little hyperbolic. But it certainly sounded good, and part of it made perfect sense.

During Friday’s news conference to update Martinez’s condition, a reporter asked how the Giants right-hander managed to remain mostly headache-free in the days immediately after Mike Cameron’s line drive struck him in the right side of the forehead.

“Athletes are out there, their adrenaline is going, especially the pitcher trying to get the last out of the game,” began Dr. Saglimbeni, a team internist. “The rest of it, I think, might be a little bit more than human. Joe’s a little bit more than human because I think most of us would have a headache the next day.”

The “little bit more than human” part made Martinez look embarrassed. If his teammates get a hold of this, the teasing won’t stop for a while. Maybe somebody will hang a Superman T-shirt in his locker.

The stuff about adrenaline is easily understandable to anybody who has played competitive sports or found themselves in fight-or-flight mode.

“You know he has a couple of bones that are fractured,” Saglimbeni continued. “They’re not displaced or anything, but that hurts in itself. I think he has a high threshold of pain.”

Let’s hope that threshold is never seriously tested again.

— Chris Haft

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Thanks for this, it made me laugh. I saw Joe Martinez on Friday, and I thought his black eye looked really gross, but that’s probably just because I think stuff like that is gross. It’s so good to hear that he’s not in pain, though!

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