It’s Ishikawa, not Aurilia, at first base

SAN FRANCISCO — Contrary to what he announced Tuesday, manager Bruce Bochy started Travis Ishikawa at first base instead of Rich Aurilia on Wednesday afternoon against the San Diego Padres.

Bochy’s explanation was simple: He liked what he saw Tuesday night, when Ishikawa went 2-for-3 with two RBIs. Keeping his bat in the lineup was the right thing to do, Bochy reasoned.

“This is where, as a manager, you have the right to change your mind,” Bochy said. Of Ishikawa, Bochy said, “He looks like he’s being more selective, yet at the same time when he gets his pitches, he’s letting it go.”

Center fielder Aaron Rowand, bothered by a mild ankle injury, received Wednesday off. This, combined with Thursday’s scheduled off-day, should enable Rowand to rejoin the lineup Friday at Arizona.

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I’m glad Ishikawa played! It definitely wouldn’t have made sense if Aurilia played, given that Chris Young is a righty and Ishikawa was on fire on Tuesday night. And he got the Giants’ first hit of the game on Wednesday!😀 And it kind of worked out that Rowand had this injury (as long as it ends up being fine by Friday), since it meant that Andres Torres played and made a great catch and scored the winning run!!!

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