Tuesday’s postgame move: Hinshaw out, Holm returns; etc.

SAN FRANCISCO — The Giants re-entered the mode they appeared to favor during much of Spring Training — using an 11-man pitching staff and employing three catchers — by optioning left-hander Alex Hinshaw to Triple-A Fresno and recalling Steve Holm after Tuesday’s 8-3 victory over San Diego.<p/>

To answer the question that seemed to be on everybody’s lips, Pablo Sandoval, the everyday third baseman, will still catch Wednesday afternoon’s series finale, as manager Bruce Bochy had announced before Tuesday’s game.

Asked about the timing of the move, Bochy said “it’s getting at that point” where an extra catcher is necessary. Using Sandoval to catch even occasionally is risky, since the Giants don’t want to lose their regular third baseman to one of those injuries that easily strikes catchers.

Besides, Bochy said, “I’m getting concerned about wearing Bengie down, even though it’s early (in the season).” Molina caught every inning of the Giants’ first 13 games.<p/>

Hinshaw, who had an 8.44 ERA in seven appearances, might have been demoted no matter what he did in Tuesday’s game. But he didn’t help himself by falling behind on the count 3-1 against a left-handed batter, Brian Giles, who ultimately singled. Hinshaw did retire Adrian Gonzalez, another left-handed hitter, to end the game. But Hinshaw, who walked five in 5 1/3 innings, might not return until his command does, also.

Besides, with two more scheduled off days coming up each of the next two Thursdays and the starting pitchers beginning to work deeper into games, the Giants figure that they can afford shrinking the staff from 12 to 11.


This has nothing to do with anything, but I must confess that sometimes I’m a little TOO old-school.

When Molina just missed tagging out two runners at home plate on the same play Tuesday, my first thought was, “Luke Sewell.” Luke Sewell caught for 20 years in the big leagues between 1921 and 1942 and was good enough to be an All-Star. With Washington in 1933, he also tagged out Lou Gehrig and Dixie Walker at home on the same play. I remembered this because I read about it in “This Great Game,” an early 1970s coffee-table book stuffed with outstanding photographs and historical perspective. I also read a recollection of this play rendered by my patron baseball-writing saint, Roger Angell.

But a Google search revealed a list compiled by Society of American Baseball Research members David Smith and David Vincent, who compiled a list of similar plays — although there have been only about six others remotely like it. Luke Sewell’s was the oldest, chronologically. I swear, sometimes I think I’m a living, breathing rotary phone.

— Chris Haft


So glad to see Holms back in the majors. There has been a couple chances when the Giants should run for Bengie, but couldn’t because they lacked the depth.

If were going to win close games, the Giants are going to have to run for Molina once in a while.


Isn’t Steve Holm hitless so far in his first 18 minor league ABs? And he has 8 Ks. Those numbers worry me……. But I definitely think they need to be able to pinch-run for Bengie, like in the 8th inning of Sunday’s game. And I like Alex Hinshaw, but I agree with the demotion of him over anyone else. I was getting frustrated at him for not throwing strikes. lol I wish we could just call up Buster Posey…. but I know we can’t, because he needs more time and all that stuff….:/

Check your stats before posting them. Holm has 84 ABs, with 22 hits, including a home run. He did well filling in last year. Posey is killing the ball, but we won’t see him until possibly September, unless Bengie is dealt.

bergie33, are you sure about your numbers? The Grizzlies own site list Holm at 0 for 18 for this season, and 84 ABs seems high for this young season.

“Check your stats before posting them.”
Dude, she had them right. You quoted Holm’s last year’s MLB stats, while she was talking about his numbers this year.

Read the posts before you correct them. She said his MINOR league AB’s…and she’s correct, he’s 0 for 18 so far this year. She wasn’t talking about last year’s stats. Personally, I think they need to move Ishikawa down, and bring up either Guzman or Dallas McPherson to play third and put Sandoval at first. McPherson is probably the better choice because he’d be a better defender at third.

Sorry, my bad. Didn’t realize she was talking about this years MiLB stats.

While we’re talking about Holm’s stats, has anyone looked at what Guzman’s doing at Fresno? If you look at all the different posts lately, Guzman seems to be almost revered…honestly- .174avg/46ab/3runs/8hits/1hr/2bb/12k’s?? Please-enough of Guzman for awhile; at least until he shows something in the minors and improves his fielding!

I totally agree with you, 51yrsfan… it seems like the only thing people remember is how well Guzman did during Spring Training, but I guess they haven’t checked up on how he’s currently doing, which is not very good…:/

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