Bochy on Lewis, Ishikawa

SAN FRANCISCO — As Dodgers left-hander Eric Stults throws his first pitch of the second inning to the backstop on the fly, I’ll try to readjust my focus to some of the more relevant subjects from Giants manager Bruce Bochy’s pregame address Wednesday.

Bochy addressed the issue of left fielder Fred Lewis, who struck out three times in each of the previous two games. Bochy said that Lewis’ struggles have nothing to do with his elevation to the leadoff spot. Rather, Lewis is having trouble catching up with hard stuff and adjusting to soft stuff — which is a dreadful combination.

“He’s late with his setup and his swing,” Bochy said. “He’s getting caught in between. He’s late on the fastball and out in front on the breaking ball.”

Bochy also noticed a difference in Lewis’ stance. His back was turned slightly more toward the pitcher’s mound. “That may be part of why he’s not seeing the ball as well,” Bochy said.

Lewis improved somewhat in his first two plate appearances Wednesday, flying out to the edge of the warning track and grounding out to shortstop.

Before addressing reporters, Bochy sat at one end of the dugout with Travis Ishikawa, discussing the first baseman’s baserunning from the previous evening. Ishikawa was doubled off third base on Emmanuel Burriss’ line drive, ending the sixth inning.

“We definitely have to improve on the bases,” Bochy said. “This past week’s been a rough one for us.”

If you’re a Giants fan, you would have been encouraged to see a relatively inexperienced player like Ishikawa receive assertive yet constructive feedback directly from the skipper.

— Chris Haft


Fred Lewis looked better last night than he has recently! He drew a walk and only struck out once. OK, so it’s not that great, but considering he had 3 Ks two nights in a row, I think it’s an improvement.🙂 I hope he gets back on track soon! We’ll see how Ishikawa does tomorrow night! (If he’s playing…?) I have confidence that he’ll do a lot better than he’s doing right now!!!

been a Giants fan for many, many years, I remember willie mac’s first hit (HR, also 1st AB) while listening on the radio, and also some dude named Juan kicking his own hat off during his wind-up while thowing a ONE-Hitter in his debut. The attitude of this tean reminds me sooo much of that team from 50 years ago! I was afraid I wouldn’t live long enough to see the return to greatness, but believe me Giant’s fans, it’s right around the corner! I’m living with all the old farts done/down in Florida now, so thank God for the internet. GO GIANTS! Beat those bluebloods!!

Old Giant’s diehard

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