Wilson has a winning way

LOS ANGELES — Giants fans should feel free to cheer on the resurgent Barry Zito and the club’s meager yet resourceful offense. Just make sure to save some applause for Brian Wilson.

Had Wilson blown his save opportunity Friday night, he would have had a handy excuse. He hadn’t pitched since last Sunday. But he came through with yet another four-out save, his fourth of the season.

The prolonged rest helped, of course. But so did Wilson’s attitude after he yielded James Loney’s leadoff single in the ninth. Two batters later, Wilson coaxed Rafael Furcal’s double-play grounder to end the game.

“I feel like I’m a ground-ball pitcher,” Wilson said. “If a guy gets on, I’ve got a real good chance of getting a double play. If I can just back those thoughts up in my head and think positively — ‘OK, I’m going to end the game with a double play’ — I’m sure it’ll happen.

“It better happen.”

It has happened for Wilson seven times in eight save chances so far. Entering his second year as the Giants’ closer, the right-hander has a better grasp on his self-control and what to expect.

“I think I’m learning to stay relaxed, throw at the same speed and have more accuracy instead of tense up and throw hard,” Wilson said. “I think last year I saw every situation you can imagine. So I have that under my belt now. It’s a good learning experience.”

One factoid I should have included in the final version of my game story but didn’t: The Giants (15-13) are two games above .500 for the first time this year. They failed on four previous occasions to reach that level.

— Chris Haft


wilson looks just fine to me. if he could develope a changeup, with his fastball, he could be lights out. this may be a good time, to go after eric byrnes from az. we need his bat, his hustle. winn looks lost at the plate, too many strikeouts on inside pitches. rowland looks lost, too many moving parts. do we have a hitting couch ? for botchy to pitch to blake last night, was horrible. he should be fired, along with lansford. bring in guzman, and let ishy play late inning replacement. go gints. bbeav

Wilson is doing great, locating his Fastball and slider, dealing control rather than hard, or as he would say “haRRd” and he does have a Changeup. As for our hitting coach his name is Carney Lansford, he is a great guy, I have played Golf with him on several occasions. but what we must remember is that the ball reacts to the rotation the pitcher places on it as well as where on the bat it hits. there are two kinds of 4 seam FB, one rises the other drops, causing either a pop up or a grounder, it is when the ball has little to no spin that they can fly. spin also allows it keep a steady direction, which is why a Knuckleball is so effective, they have little to no spin, causing it to dance, but if you get a hold of one, it will fly.

As for Bochy, he is doing a great job, rebuilding after the Bonds era, getting guys like Molina, Rowand, and Aurillia to teach the youngsters, this is a great team!

can’t wait to see you all in the beginning of June in DC.

Last year, every time Wilson came out for the 9th inning, I would get REALLY nervous. This year, I still get a little nervous, but not as much. I’m beginning to have a lot more confidence in him!
Yeah, I noticed the Giants hadn’t been 2 games above .500 since 5/24/2007, and they haven’t been 3 games above .500 since over two years ago (5/5/2007)! Hopefully, though, the Giants can somehow keep it up and come out with a much better record than in 2007!!

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