Slight change: Romo’s return expected Friday

SAN FRANCISCO — Right-hander Sergio Romo was expected to be activated from the 15-day disabled list Wednesday. But the Giants have announced a slight change in plans.

Romo now will pitch a simulated game Wednesday afternoon at AT&T Park. Assuming he feels fine physically afterward, he’ll return to the active roster Friday, since Thursday’s a scheduled off-day.

Tuesday, Romo rejoined to the team, having completed his injury rehabilitation assignment. Giants relievers have excelled lately, and the last thing Romo wants to do is upset the bullpen’s equilibrium.

He said he wouldn’t have come near the clubhouse “if I felt I’d hurt their chances of winning. I honestly feel that I can come in and be effective. … I don’t want to hurt the karma, the way things mesh. I just want to come in and pick up where I left off last year.”

Last year, of course, Romo thrived as a rookie, finishing 3-1 with a 2.12 ERA in 29 appearances. He struck out 33 and walked eight in 34 innings.

— Chris Haft


Any thoughts, Chris, on who would be sent down to make room for Romo? The Chron suggested Frandsen, but I think he is out of options and would have to clear waivers. Do you think he would? I’m sorry to suspect Frandsen is no longer in the team’s long range plans, but it seems silly to not get *something* for him after all the work they invested in him. Another option is Aurillia, but the teams seems to be really sticking to him.

Frandsen may be out of options now, but when you use one for the season, then he can be sent up and down unlimited number of times (well, limited by rule that you can’t call him back up until 10 days have lapsed). He can be sent down anytime this season.

However, Sabean said that Frandsen would be around to compete with Burriss and recreate spring training’s competition and push Burriss. Then again, he said the same about Guzman and Ishikawa, and Guzman got sent down, though that is partly because of Sandoval’s injury limiting him to playing 1B right now.

But Frandsen makes the most sense, as any other cut would cut a vet, and that would probably be Aurilia. And with Uribe playing nicely at 3B and Sandoval capable of playing 1B, all the positions are covered, the Giants could just DFA Aurilia, then maybe send him down to AAA to work out his batting stroke once nobody picks him up. But with Frandsen 0 for 15, I don’t see how it is not him cut.

Go Romo! He’s going to make the bullpen even better, I think if he can reproduce what he did last season, we will be able to go on another winning streak for a while.

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