Uribe has steady job — for now

SAN FRANCISCO — Juan Uribe is doing more than just filling in for third baseman Pablo Sandoval.

“To be honest with you, he’s our everyday third baseman right now, until we do finally decide what’s the best place to leave Pablo,” manager Bruce Bochy said before Saturday’s Giants-St. Louis Cardinals game.

In short, the Giants could decide that their best infield includes Uribe at third base and Sandoval, who moved across the diamond after missing four games with tightness in his right elbow, at first base.

Defense ultimately could be a determining factor. Travis Ishikawa, who was starting to hit proficiently before losing his role to Sandoval, is a superior defender at first. Uribe is more than capable defensively, but Sandoval frequently made highlight-quality plays at third before being injured.

The Giants signed Uribe precisely for instances such as this one. He’s a former regular, having averaged 490 at-bats per year with the Chicago White Sox from 2004-07, who remains capable of playing second base, shortstop or third on an everyday basis for prolonged stretches.

— Chris Haft



Oh come on! There are so many things wrong with this, unless the only goal is to win NOW and continue to forsake the rebuilding we’ve been promised for the last two seasons. I’m not especially a huge Ishikawa fan, but is Uribe REALLY the future at 3b? So the Giants have just wasted 1/3 season waiting for Ishikawa to get where he is now, and now they throw him under the dugout bench? Yes, Uribe is the right guy if you want to win today’s and tomorrow’s games. He’s totally the wrong guy looking ahead to the future. But sure, let’s sacrifice any preparation for the future so we can finish a strong 3rd or 4th place in the division this season.

I read on Andrew Baggarly’s blog that it was your birthday yesterday. Happy birthday!!!! I love reading all the random little things about the Giants you post on your blog here, and I also enjoy reading your regular articles on sfgiants.com. I’m in Peru right now, where baseball isn’t very popular… so now only have I not been able to see the Giants play in person, but I can’t watch on TV or listen on the radio, and the Internet is really slow so I can’t watch or listen online either. The only way I’ve been able to stay conmnected to the Giants is by reading articles and blogs written by you (and others) online. So, thank you very much!!
I don’t really understand why they would want to leave Pablo at first, and Uribe at third… Once Pablo’s elbow is all better, I would like to see Ishikawa back at first. He had just started hitting a lot better, and his defense is definitely really good.

Hey, didn’t Giants signed Dallas McPherson during the spring? He was once highly regarded 3B prospect and hit 42HR last year in AAA.

See the keyword? 42HR!

Where is this guy now?
Is there any chances given to McPherson for him to showoff his ability?
How come there isn’t any news about this guy?

Is Dallas McPherson still injured? Last I heard, he still had back spasms.

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