Big weekend for Schierholtz

PHOENIX — Here’s Nate Schierholtz’s take on this weekend’s Giants-A’s Interleague series at AT&T Park:

“It definitely has a Bay Bridge Series meaning to me,” he said.

Obviously, Schierholtz is pumped, jazzed, stoked or whatever synonym you want to use for “excited.” This will mark the first time that he has opposed the A’s in the regular season, and it’s a series he has been anticipating for years.

Growing up in the East Bay, Schierholtz attended plenty of Giants-A’s games. Though he geographically was closer to the A’s, he left his heart … well, I don’t need to finish the sentence. “I definitely was always a Giants fan,” Schierholtz said. 

Let’s hope Schierholtz gets into a game or two. It’d be a shame if he languished on the bench, especially since he might care about these games more than anybody on the field.

— Chris Haft


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Hey NATE, its great to hear that you are excited about the Bay Bridge Series. I do hope that you get some playing time on the field for all the games – time is flying by and we know that you have a lot to offer the team. BEST WISHES to you’all in the Bay area ! ! !

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