Frandsen optioned to Fresno as Ishikawa returns

SAN FRANCISCO — The knowledge that he had accomplished something seemed to comfort Kevin Frandsen after he learned, to no particular surprise, that he had been optioned to Triple-A Fresno. The move cleared roster room Friday for first baseman Travis Ishikawa, who was reinstated from the bereavement list.

During Frandsen’s last Giants stint in May, when infielder Juan Uribe went on the bereavement list, the San Jose native played mostly shortstop. This time, he started two of three games at second base. On both occasions, Frandsen played impressive defense, reflecting his aptitude as a potential multiple-position handyman.<p/>

“My time will come,” Frandsen said. “I’ll be patient with it. I know I’ll get a chance.”

One reporter asked Giants manager Bruce Bochy whether Frandsen might be considered as an option to play left field if Fred Lewis continues to struggle. “Right now, no,” Bochy said, though he didn’t rule out the possibility that Frandsen eventually could play some left and become a jack-of-all-trades in the manner of Ryan Freel or Chone Figgins.

“Those types of guys are invaluable,” Bochy said.

Frandsen has hit just .071 (2-for-28) in his nine games with the Giants, but that didn’t faze him or Bochy.

“It’s a small sample size,” Frandsen said, citing his robust .339 average with Fresno. “If people want to make their assumptions off of that [his big-league hitting], I don’t care.”

Said Bochy, “He’s doing what he needs to do. He’ll get his opportunity.”

— Chris Haft


Are you serious!? Frandsen goes down and Lewis stays!? At least Frandsen can play defense. Why don’t we try giving him more than five minutes at this level. You know maybe the same amount of time that Lewis has squandered. Schierholtz can play right. Winn can play left. Why are we continuing to waste time with Lewis! Schierholtz and Frandsen have hit the ball hard. Lewis swings and misses. Shierholtz has 1 error. Frandsen 0. Lewis 3(can we think back to the routine fly ball that bounced off his glove and cost us the game). Bottom line lewis is getting the chance that Frandsen isn’t and he is NOT GETTING IT DONE. Bochy says Frandsen will get his chance. When? After Lewis blows the wildcard for us? That would be Bochy’s speed.

This need to be the last chance for Ishikawa to make a difference or he has to go. Frandsen, Sheirholtz, Uribe, Sandoval and Rowand give the Giants a toughness and presence they need considering they have to fight to score runs. It is time to send Lewis and Isikawa down and the let the Giants continue to prove they are a team that has heart and toughness to win. These guys have shown on a couple of occasions now that they make a difference even when they struggle at the plate.

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