Correction: Wilson better than realized

SAN FRANCISCO — I goofed. Giants closer Brian Wilson pitched a career-high 2 2/3 innings Saturday against the New York Mets, not 2 1/3 as I reported in my game story.<p/>

Wilson’s outing was destined to last 1 2/3 innings until Bengie Molina hit his tiebreaking home run in the top of the 10th. That’s when the Giants’ braintrust decided to leave Wilson in for one more inning. “At first they wanted to tell me that was it,” Wilson said.

Technically, Wilson received a blown save, since he inherited a 4-2 lead before allowing Fernando Tatis’ RBI single and Gary Sheffield’s sacrifice fly. But he pitched perfect innings in the ninth and 10th, helping the Giants improve to 7-4 in extra-inning decisions.

The only drawback of all this was Wilson’s inflated pitch count. He threw 40 pitches, about twice as many as usual, which could rule him out of action Sunday.

— Chris Haft

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