All hope is not lost, but …

SAN FRANCISCO — The Giants’ season and their playoff push are far from over. But after their 6-4, 14-inning loss Monday at Colorado, anybody feeling less than hopeful is excused.

In 40 years of following this team, this is among the most crushing come-from-ahead defeats I’ve witnessed (albeit on TV; I wasn’t on assignment for the Rockies series). Granted, the Giants are well-positioned to shrug off the effects of this setback and losing three of four to the Rockies, who lead them by four games in the National League Wild Card standings. If the Giants can recover against Arizona while Colorado struggles against the Dodgers in the next few days, San Francisco will be poised to regain ground when the Rockies visit AT&T Park next weekend.

After all, it’s not even September yet.

But for now, the Giants are reeling.

The bullpen that has sustained the Giants so well this season is in rough shape. Most relievers are suddenly overworked. Those who aren’t no longer inspire confidence, such as Merkin Valdez. If the Giants put second baseman Freddy Sanchez on the disabled list, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them fill his spot on the 25-man roster with a reliever, though lacking a full complement of position players handcuffed manager Bruce Bochy somewhat in the 14-inning marathon.

The Giants’ plight will be worsened if third baseman Pablo Sandoval is out for more than a few days with his calf injury.

Tuesday’s pregame hours could be intriguing as the Giants evaluate the fitness of Sandoval and their bullpen.

— Chris Haft


I’d love to know what Bochy was thinking bringing in Miller and then Valdez. Esp Valdez. I knew it was over at that point. What a pathetic loss.

I feel bad for Miller after the night he had before coming in to relieve Medders, knowing that all he has to do is throw strikes facing the pitcher, cause he wasn’t going to swing, and walks in a run which sets up Valdez to face Spilborghs. Bochy had to be frustrated, image having to go to guys, when he knows that their arms haven’t recovered from the nights before, praying that they can just get one down the pipe. I am frustrated and empathetic at the same time.

Bottom of the 14th
Medders Pitching, Fowler battting 3-2 walk
Barmes popfly to Velez in short right
Iannetta singles
Tulowitzki 3-2 walk , bases loaded one out
Miller in to face Eaton
Eaton 3-1 walk, Fowler scores
Valdez in to face Spilborghs
Spilborghs 0-1 fastball tattooed over right center into the bullpen. Game Over

Medders arm looked like rubber to start the inning, he no control, struggling to keep the balls close. Miller his first pitch was all he had, and it was a ball, he went 3-0 against the opposing pitcher. you tell by the look in his eyes he was angry with his self, no amount guilt could ever be as worse as the way he felt at that moment, it took everything he had to throw the one strike he got. He knew that the guy was going to be swinging, if he swings it is a possible game ending double play, he takes three, and spilborghs gets to bat with two outs and bases loaded down by three, i like those odds better then bases loaded down by two, one out.

I understand Bochy’s strategy, I dont agree, but i understand, he had to replace Medders and he had was Miller( who was worked very hard) and Valdez (who has had an off second half).

could i have done better, no, knowing the bullpen is what it was, i would have sent Medders to right, and brought Schierholtz in to pitch to Eaton, allowing Medders some quick rest. that would have been my half baked plan.

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