Lincecum throws in ‘pen, looks good to go

SAN FRANCISCO — Right-hander Tim Lincecum, who was scratched from his most recent scheduled start last Tuesday with back spasms, threw off a bullpen mound Saturday without any apparent or immediate physical setbacks.

“Perfect,” was how Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti described the session.

This means that Lincecum should be fit to start Monday night against the Colorado Rockies. The last time Lincecum faced Colorado, August 28, he surrendered four hits in eight shutout innings as the Giants won, 2-0.

One cautionary note: Nothing’s official until the Giants say so, and that won’t happen until Sunday, when the team’s medical and/or training staff re-evaluates Lincecum. Occasionally, in any sport, an athlete recovering from injury will have a promising-looking workout but will report soreness or an aggravated ailment the next day.

Lincecum threw his entire variety of pitches during his workout, then did his required running in the outfield.

— Chris Haft


Lincecum should take off a couple more starts and let Bumgarner get some more experience. This team is still slumping and I would hate for that to rub off on Lincecum the way it has on Cain and then Sanchez against the Dodgers. I feel so bad for the efforts of Zito and Cain and Lincecum and Sanchez this year – they pitched like winners and their team can’t give them more than 1 or at most 2 runs a game. I blame management for putting together a ‘small ball’ team of free swingers….

I commented on the other blog- and wanted to see if anyone has the same reaction I have. Yesterday, when it was still a game, Bochy brought in Valdez to pitch. He has not been good- only has 1 pitch and we were still in it. I don’t understand- there were others in the pen and I feel that he just gave the game away- And Howry pitched after. If these games are soooooooo important what about Romo or Afledt or one of the new guys, but Valdez? Unreal- it is time for a new hitting coach and a new manager- what is the difference from our guys and other teams- Colorado got their hitting back- why can’t we. I am so perplexed. Our pitchers are good but they cannot do it alone.

don’t rush Timmy back. he’s got to see that most of the guys have called it a day and packed it in. i’d rather save the wear and tear on his arm for next season, if he doesn’t demand a trade.

mana7, in order to “get our hitting back”, we would have had to been hitting at some point this season and lost it…which we haven’t. No, this team has not had 2 players hot in the batting order all year.

Bochy’s moves have been puzzling to say the least. He ignores current stats, uses players who clearly don’t have it this year, avoids the youth who have more in the tank then the old, stumbling vets and generally mismanages as if he’s playing career stats instead of who’s hot now. He neither plays to win nor develops the youth for next year. His misguided decisions are are painfully frustrating. With him at the helm, I see a bleak future. Give Ron Wotus a try, or Denker from the SJ team. Rather then playing “good old boy” lineups using Molina, Rowand, etc, I thought the idea was to put together a winning lineup.

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