Giants go ‘fourth’ with Torres

SAN FRANCISCO — More than once in his postgame address Sunday, Giants manager Bruce Bochy expressed appreciation for Andres Torres’ bases-loaded walk in the sixth inning off Jeff Weaver that drove in San Francisco’s fourth run of the game.

“We had trouble getting that fourth run. That was frustration,” Bochy said, practically equating “fourth run” with “Holy Grail.” Added Bochy, “That’s why it was so important Torres drew that walk.”

Why did Bochy heap what might have seemed to be disproportionate praise upon Torres? It’s simple.

The Giants own a 54-14 record when they score four runs or more. With their excellent pitching, that number usually gives them enough offense to win. That’s why Torres’ RBI loomed as significant.

It also paved the way for Freddy Sanchez’s two-run single, which was the biggest hit in the four-run uprising.

Torres’ statistics aren’t spectacular (.250 in 59 games), but he has made contributions like this all season. And, for what it’s worth, his attitude is ceaselessly positive and he’s one heck of a nice guy. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Giants bring him back for 2010. He’s a pretty useful player to bring off the bench.

— Chris Haft 


With Rowand, Schierholtz, Bowker, Velez, Lewis, and perhaps Garko battling for a spot in the OF, there might not be enough space for Torres unless the Giants decide that Bowker would not regress with another year in AAA, should he lose the battle for a starting spot, and should the Giants not decide to trade away Lewis given his comments this season.

“It’ll be interesting to see whether the Giants bring him back for 2010.”

It will be more interesting to see if the Giants PLAY HIM more in 2009. It isn’t as if their, uh, experienced CF is getting the job done better.

And tonight Bochy changes the lineup and not hitting. Does he do this on purpose- why can’t he leave a good thing alone- Bochy will never take us to the promise land.

Why tonight did Bochy change the lineup- couldnt keep the same lineup when they were hitting- Bochy is suspect on taking the Giants to the playoffs.

I really hope Andres Torres comes back next season, he’s my favorite player! I love how he plays with so much energy and enthusiasm, and I think he’s helped the team out a lot in those little ways. I agree, he’s REALLY nice to the fans, and everything I’ve ever read about him in the media has always been really positive. If he doesn’t come back, I’ll be sad.😦

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