Right now, it’s easy to call Giants best in West

LOS ANGELES — Many of you won’t believe me, but I’m not being a homer.

The National League West standings tell the story of the season, and there’s no arguing with them. But right now, at this particular juncture, the Giants just might be the division’s best club.

The Giants remain flawed, of course, which says a lot about the quality of the NL in general. But forget about that stuff, and consider:

San Francisco beat Colorado in the season series, 10-8. The Rockies wish they never had to face Tim Lincecum or Barry Zito. Ubaldo Jimenez has Lincecumesque stuff, but he frequently looks less than invincible against the Giants. San Francisco also has a better bullpen than Colorado’s, especially with Huston Street sidelined.

The Dodgers’ starting rotation is in shambles. It was shocking to watch Chad Billingsley pitch in relief Friday. Remember, he was a National League All-Star this year. Billingsley and Matt Cain frequently are compared to each other, and Cain endured his own demotion to the bullpen … three years ago, long before HE became an All-Star. Who would be the Dodgers’ ace in their playoff pitching rotation? Clayton Kershaw, who’s still working his way back from an injury to his non-throwing shoulder? The Dodgers have a strong lineup, but they won’t win with that kind of pitching.

If 30 or 40 games remained in the regular season, the Giants would be in great shape. That’s not the case, so whatever happens, they’ll get what they deserve. But right now — and a significant member of the Dodgers personnel affirmed this to me Friday — the Giants are the division’s scariest club.

— Chris Haft


Huh, you serious?
Do you feel the same @ 4:30pm, Sunday?

Huh, you serious Chris?
Feel the same @ 4:30pm, Sunday?

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