Lowry to test free agency

As expected, Noah Lowry is becoming a free agent.

The Giants declined to exercise the $6.25 million option on Lowry’s 2010 contract — a predictable move, given the left-hander’s two-year inactivity due to injury. The club then reinstated Lowry and right-handers Justin Miller and Kelvin Pichardo from the 60-day disabled list and outrighted them to Triple-A Fresno.

Bobby Evans, the Giants’ vice president of baseball operations, explained that Lowry and Miller can become free agents since they have more than five years of Major League service time. Damon Lapa, Lowry’s agent, confirmed in an e-mail response that his client will opt for free agency rather than accept the Giants’ assignment.

If you’re reading this, you might be among the throng of fans to ask me recently how Lowry’s doing and what might his immediate future hold. You’ll be glad to know that Lapa also reported that Lowry is throwing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays “without any limitations or restrictions.” Lapa added, “I’ve personally played catch with him and he is back to his pre-injury form.”

Lowry should be able to find a job easily. He’s only 29. He owns a 40-31 Major League record, having led the Giants in victories in 2005-07. He displays immeasurable confidence when he strides to the mound as if it were his personal throne and stubbornly challenges hitters with his changeup. His intangibles alone make him worth signing.

Whether the Giants will bring back Lowry is debatable. Earlier this year Lapa claimed that the club “misdiagnosed” Lowry’s forearm injury, which couldn’t have helped the relationship between the sides. Then again, worse rifts have been mended.

Miller, 32, contributed to the success of the Giants’ bullpen by posting a 3-3 record with a 3.18 ERA in 44 appearances. Inflammation in his throwing elbow ended his season in September. Pichardo, 24, was sidelined for much of the season but is on the roster of Toros del Este in the Dominican Winter League.

— Chris Haft 


Hmm, Haft you raise a good point about the mendability of Lowry’s relationship with the Giants. Does he pin it on his agent and apologize behind the scenes to the good doctors who he through his agent accuses of misdiagnosing his arm ailment and come back as the prodigal son? Or does he just leave ungraciously with the Brad Penny-type “I hate LA” chip on his shoulder? Or worse yet, does the SoCal boy go to LA in a Kent-style coup de grace? (yiye)
I’d like to see how this unfolds, too. It’s interesting how some rifts are taken care of by mid-season exchanges. Then again, right-handed pitchers on the slide criticizing a teammate’s offensive chase for the most balls hit over a fence…well maybe there was more to it than that. In the same vein, some backstops have made known as much in veiled comments and that didn’t seem to rile the powers that be — as long as he didn’t put it in his blog. Could Lowry pitch out of the bullpen? Doubt it — too cocky. And he doesn’t have half the stuff (or the humility) Jonathan Sanchez has. Lowry lacks Sanchy’s no-hit talent and that’s why the Giants, I think, would be wasting their time giving him another chance. Personally, though, I will miss that Bugs Bunny change up. Because when it was on — it was on.

The Giants are tripping they need to keep Lowry if they can. Don’t give another team a chance at getting him. You have paid him the last two years. You should at least get something out of him. I guess this means we are signing Penny???

With all his injury-proneness (my word) in the recent past I don’t have a very good feeling about Lowry’s future in baseball…He was an excellent finesse pitcher a couple of years ago – but that was Then, and this is Now…Some athletes come back and really shine from injurys – even fairly Major ones – However, my gut is tellin’ me to let this guy find work elsewhere and get on with “Getting That BAT……!!!…”And by the way – Get Rid of Lewis.!.We have Other Available “Pinch Hitters”…..!.

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