Plenty to salvage for Giants in defeat

Saturday, May 8

NEW YORK — The Giants actually did a lot more right than they did wrong on Saturday. But their 5-4 loss to the New York Mets obscured that.

Many of their 44 plate appearances resulted in quality at-bats. Aubrey Huff made solid contact each time up. Aaron Rowand, after going 0-for-3, came through with a key single in the Giants’ two-run eighth inning that tied the score. Juan Uribe had a big two-out RBI single in the fourth. Eli Whiteside reached base safely in three of his four plate appearances, singling solidly twice.

Nate Schierholtz lined a pinch-hit single to lead off the eighth against Johan Santana and is now batting .471 (8-for-17) against left-handers. Facing Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez for the second game in a row, pinch-hitter John Bowker didn’t hit another home run, but managed to coax a 10th-inning walk.

As for struggling Pablo Sandoval, the Kung Fu Panda still looked like he was fighting himself. But he wasn’t helpless, either. He blooped a fourth-inning single to right-center field and launched an eighth-inning sacrifice fly off Santana on a two-strike count. “That was a little relief for him,” manager Bruce Bochy said, summarizing Sandoval’s day. “I thought he took some better swings.”

Bochy will take all of this into account as he assembles Sunday’s lineup. He didn’t rule out resting Sandoval, who has started all 29 games at third base. Schierholtz likely will return to right field; his prowess against lefties — the Giants face Mets southpaw Oliver Perez — doesn’t hurt.

On to the pitching. Brandon Medders recorded what might have been his best outing of the season, working 2 2/3 scoreless innings to trim his ERA from 6.23 to 4.76. Jeremy Affeldt blew away the Mets for two innings, striking out two. The pair of eighth-inning hits he allowed were bloops that no fielder could reach. “That was the best I’ve felt all year,” Affeldt said. This is particularly encouraging for the Giants, who are relying on Affeldt to be a shutdown setup man.

“I was aggressive early [in the count],” he said. “I was getting strike one instead of falling behind early. I threw curveballs for strikes when I needed to and for balls when I needed to.”

About the only thing the Giants neglected to do was win.

— Chris Haft


Is it just me or is Bruce Bochy the worst manager in baseball!? As much as I enjoy watching my G’s, I’m still on edge waiting for the next stupid move that he’s going to make.

I say this with conviction … Bruce Bochy is the worst manager I’ve ever witnessed. I have a decent amount of money saved up and I will honestly give a nice percentage of that to the Giants so they can buy out his contract and get rid of him.

I want to enjoy watching my G’s but it’s so hard when that **** brain is in the dugout!

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way!!

As a long time Giants fan, I disagree with your assertion that there is “Plenty to salvage in Giants defeat”. They were pathetic this weekend and were lucky to get away with one win against the Mets. Watching Andres Torres mis-play a routine fly ball into a two run single in the 7th inning was more than I could take. How this team is in first place is beyond me; their lineup is like a trivia quiz—who are these guys? We have three well known players: Lincecum, Rowand and Huff. The rest of the team belong in AAA. I’m glad they are winning for now but I don’t see this continuing much longer.

1. How do I actually email chris haft to ask him a few things? Anyone know?
2. Today we wasted more good pitching. Sanchez: we understand if you punch Bochy and Sabean in the grill.
3. When Derosa goes on the DL for another surgery, why don’t we call up one of the best hitters in AAA. There’s not a lot left for him to prove down there. He’s young and athletic. I get that you can’t just throw him in in front of Huff and Molina, but what about left field?
4. Put the guys who are hitting well at the top of the lineup please. Nate and Juan should be two and six respectively and Molina should be down in a spot to drive them in and not be the one taking RBIs away because his lack of speed.
5. This is gonna be the year that Cain or Sanchez or Bumgarner gets traded. Our offense is simply awful and derosa and freddy will not save that. If we have a chance to contend and that doesn’t happen, Bochy and/or Sabean are gone!

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