Stunning reports in Darren Ford case

Wednesday, July 7

MILWAUKEE — Darren Ford could face big trouble.

According to published reports, the Giants’ center-field prospect was charged in his hometown of Vineland, N.J., with making false reports and a form of theft in connection with his claim in Nov. 2009 that he was robbed of a bank deposit bag belonging to his employer.

The 24-year-old Vineland native turned himself in at police headquarters on the afternoon of July 2. Ford was charged with making false reports to law enforcement, obstruction of the administration of law, conspiracy and theft by failure to make proper disposition of property received.

He was processed and released on a summons.

Last Nov. 18, Ford told police that a black or Hispanic male pointed a double barrel shotgun at him and demanded his belongings at a Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. Ford was carrying a deposit bag to a bank for his employer, RK Chevrolet.

He told police he’d given the robber the deposit bag, his cell phone and $300 in cash.

Ford, 24, impressed the Giants with his speed, hustle and diligence during Spring Training, earning himself the Harry S. Jordan Award as the most outstanding first-year invitee to camp. He has spent this season playing at Double-A Ricmond.

Ford’s not guilty of anything yet, but he joins dubious company. Would-be slugger Angel Villalona remains in the Dominican Republic awaiting trail after being charged with murder last November in a barroom shooting.

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