Upon further review, maybe Ford makes sense

Think about it: The Giants probably are going to struggle to score runs against the Atlanta Braves in the Division Series. Derek Lowe has been outstanding lately and always pitches well against the Giants. Tommy Hanson doesn’t scare me much, but Tim Hudson looked like Orel Hershiser circa 1988 the last time he faced San Francisco.

Ideally, the Giants won’t give up many runs, either. Which (duh) means a lot of low-scoring ballgames. To cope in this environment, the Giants just might need to keep the ultra-speedy Darren Ford on the postseason roster.

Lately, the Giants have relied far too much on homers while struggling to manufacture runs. It’s easy to envision scenarios in which they find themselves tied or trailing by one run late in a game. Then they get a runner on first base with nobody out or one out, putting them in a position where they absolutely have to try to generate a run.

They’ll need to advance that runner into scoring position without giving up an out. They’ll need a stolen base.

They’ll need Ford.

Ford conceivably can do what Dave Roberts did for the Red Sox in 2004 or what Chone Figgins accomplished for the Angels in 2002. It’s easy to regard Ford as a luxury, but under the circumstances, he might actually be a necessity.

Of course, keeping Ford means that a veteran position player such as Edgar Renteria or Aaron Rowand won’t make the Division Series roster. It would be a shame to see either player sidelined. Renteria and Rowand both happen to own World Series rings. Moreover, they’re solid professionals who won’t back down from tough, critical situations. They’d be ideal to have available.

But addressing what probably will be a desperate need for offense of any sort requires some extreme measures. For this reason, don’t be at all surprised if Ford joins San Francisco’s 25-man contingent for the Division Series.

— Chris Haft


Didn’t Ford have to be on the roster by 8/31 to even be eligible to be on the roster?

Ford hypothetically could be on the roster, but it would take some DL managing to make him eligible.

Yeah, it’s fairly flexible, I believe. The catch is that disabled player he’s replacing would have to play the same position, and afaik MLB would have to approve the change. Also, some sources say the player replaced has to be on the 60-day DL, not the 15-day, etc.

Can’t talk about this stuff without shuddering, remembering the controversy over Francisco Rodriguez in the ’02 World Series. His Major League debut was on September 18th (!), but he was added to the playoff roster to replace a pitcher who’d pitched only once in the majors, and had been on the DL for nearly 2 years.

Maybe this time the loophole will work in our favor…

I dont’ think the roster NUMBER changes per post game series. It stays at 25. Some posters are talking about an expanding roster. Not so!

Chris Haft has mentioned Darin Ford but even though he came up after the Flying Squirrels season and before the deadline I think he has no chance. The Giants brass under Sabean handle their business in a much more professional fashion than some clubs. What does that mean?

Well IMO opinion they carry 11 pitchers including Zito. Fan/blogger emotion aside, Zito makes all post season rosters. The Giants carry Lincecum – Cain – Sanchez – Baumgardner – Zito – Wilson – Lopez – Affeldt – Casilla – Ramirez and Romo.
Two catchers: Posey and Whiteside.

6 infielders: Sandoval – Huff – FSanchez – Fontenot – Uribe and Ishikawa.
6 outfielders: Burrell – Torres – Guillen – Schierholtz – Ross and yet Rowand.

This is NOT what most fanatical fans/bloggers, long time tortured fans want, especially Ralph/KNBR – but IMO – this is what will take place – even though most posters say it makes no sense.

11 Pitchers/2 catchers/6 infielders and 6 outfielders.
Rosters stay at 25 all the way through but can be changed after each series.

The Giants have done it! I have been a Giants fan since I was 6 years old. Im gonna be 60 in December. When I was a kid, I had never heard of anybody else named Willie. Ijust happened to be listening to a radio broadcast of the Braves against the Giants, and heard the name Willie Mays, and also Willie McCovey, since then its always been the Giants for me, and its finally happened, THE WORLD CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! THANK YOU GIANTS, I LOVE YA!!!!!!! WILLIE B….

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