Weirdness is in the eye of the beholder

Monday, Feb. 14

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Weird? Who’s weird?

Asked whether the Giants might somehow become more eccentric this season than they were in 2010, closer Brian Wilson, Mr. Eccentricity himself, delivered a plain, sedate, sensible answer.

“If you look closely at every team, everybody’s got that going on,” Wilson said. “We’re probably better at hiding it. Or people don’t care about it. When you start winning, you start looking at all the nuances that are going on and you like to attribute it to that.”

For example, Wilson said, “That rally thong thing has been going on since Bull Durham, and before that.It wasn’t even a rally thong. It was just something for the clubhouse. Every clubhouse is almost the same as other teams’.”

One of the Giants’ most visible gimmicks, right-hander Sergio Romo’s beard, remains intact. Romo said Monday as Giants pitchers and catchers reported to camp. “I haven’t touched mine at all,” Romo said. “It’s gotten scraggly. I’ve combed the crap out of it and used shampoo and conditioner.”

Romo’s proud of his beard, which he began growing before Wilson sprouted his more celebrated growth. But Romo stated that he’ll do whatever his supervisors say if they decide that it’s becoming a distraction. “If they say whack it, it’s gonna go,” Romo said.


A reporter asked Wilson about contacting “The Machine,” the mysterious figure who lurked in the background of some of his recent television appearances. “You can’t contact him,” Wilson said. “He contacts you.”


Rumor has it that the Giants’ World Series rings are being designed by Tiffany & Co. Does that mean the rings will come in those nice little powder-blue boxes?

Chris Haft


Thanks, Chris.
//Ahhhh, spring!//

Sergio – one word: Infusium. Just sayin’.

Sergio – one word: Infusium. Just sayin’.

Mr. Haft, can you help me with a poser? I saw my first major league game in Milwaukee as a squirt. For years I have told of this event and now have discovered I may have been lying all of these years. My story goes that I saw Marichal pitch against Spahn in a 5-4 victory over the Braves. I have thought it might have been McCovey’s rookier year. I readily admit to possibly embellishing some of the facts over time, but I have recently begun to search for info of this game on the “net”, without any luck. Where might I find the evidence to back up one of my favorite baseball memories? Your efforts on my behalf would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mike

Robin’s egg blue – your welcome.

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