Wilson ponders influence on Beltran deal

Wednesday, July 27

 PHILADELPHIA — Naturally, Brian Wilson had to comment about his wishes coming true.

 Naturally, he delivered a hilarious response.

You may recall that Wilson, the Giants’ closer, urged Beltran to come to San Francisco and bolster the team’s offense. Wilson picked an intriguing time to do this: When lots of people (I don’t care what the television ratings said) were watching. He made his half-humorous, half-serious plea while announcing the National League’s starting lineup during the All-Star Game telecast a couple of weeks ago.

So, in the wake of Wednesday’s deal that brought Beltran from the New York Mets to the Giants, Wilson was asked about the fulfillment of his dream. Initially, Wilson didn’t say much. “It was just throwing positive vibes out there for a good player,” he said after recording his league-leading 32nd save in the Giants’ 2-1 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. Wilson added, “I didn’t do anything.” Dramatic pause. “Or — did I?”

 That last remark prompted laughter among Wilson’s interrogators. Given the right-hander’s faith in his own powers, it was a very Wilsonian thing to say.


 Numbing numbers from Wednesday:

Matt Cain’s victory over the Phillies was his first in the regular season. He was 0-3 with a 6.23 ERA in five previous starts against Philadelphia.

The Giants snapped Chase Utley’s on-base-safely streak at 28 games in a row.

San Francisco’s bullpen has recorded a 0.51 ERA since the All-Star break. That’s two earned runs in 35 innings.

 — Chris Haft


B-Weezy: closer God. We bow down, & scrape, & put on our Spandex tuxes in obeisance to the Master.

Who cares what he does — the guy knows how to blast a heater past the boys on the opposite side & send them home to cry in their beer. He can do whatever the hell he wants to in his off hours, with my blessing.

I don’t care if it was Brian Wilson, Bruce Boetchy, or the Tooth Fairy. I’m just glad the Giants landed Beltran!

It is great that the Giants have a personality like Wilson. It is great for the team and it is great for the league. This is coming from a Braves fan by the way.

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