Who’s pitching Sunday?

Thursday, July 28

PHILADELPHIA — Some weird stuff is happening with the Giants’ starting rotation.

Sunday’s starter against the Cincinnati Reds is. … To Be Announced. Undetermined. For now, it’s not Barry Zito, whose next turn would have been Sunday.

Zito said after Thursday’s 4-1 victory over Philadelphia that he hasn’t been informed of anything by Giants officials or manager Bruce Bochy. But Zito added that he expects to throw his usual between-starts session off a bullpen mound Friday.

Zito’s 6.75 ERA in four career starts at Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park, where San Francisco plays  this weekend, may have influenced the Giants decision-makers.

Bochy, who rarely hides behind “no comment,” remained mum when approached on the subject of Sunday’s.starter.

Chris Haft


the giants need to cut their losses with Zito, enough is enough. He brings down the whole team: I would say put him in the bullpin as a long left handed reliever but then that would break up the bullpin that has so much cohesion and strength right now…. eat the last two years…. yes, 40+ million dollars and let him go! They say to get to the playoffs and get to the world series is like 25 million dollars to a team’s revenue. Zito is hurting our record, and the giants chances in the standings to get to the playoffs…. what is that worth?? The most impressive thing he has done since signing 5 yrs ago is getting hurt and opening up an opportunity for Vogelsong! How many other opportunities is he squashing staying in the best rotation in baseball?

I say this every year, and I’m starting to get tired of myself. But: It’ll be interesting to see what they do with Zito after this season.

Chris, I admire your solid reports. Don’t you think Sabean could get Pudge Rodriguez or (timely this weekend) Ramon Hernandez for virtually nothing? Plus, I’ve spent months of the season dreaming about Jose Reyes, and I won’t stop until Sunday night! I just don’t think they’re quite “whole” yet . . . although the Beltran deal takes us a long way down the road!

About Zito, I don’t know — I like the guy myself, and I do remember his three good starts before the All-Star break. I’d at least give him one more shot on regular rest before handing the ball to (shudder) Jonathan Sanchez. Torture is one thing, but his constant flirtations with the strike zone are quite another!


I STILL think they’re going to get a catcher; right now it’s impossible to say who. More and more guys will pass through waivers in the coming weeks.

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