Wilson remains hilarious; Lincecum’s iron-knee

Sunday, Aug. 7

SAN FRANCISCO — Brian Wilson’s 34th save, which he recorded Sunday, took a while to develop. Nine days had passed since his last save opportunity, July 28 at Philadelphia. Since then, Wilson had appeared just twice, absorbing the decision in the 13-inning loss at Cincinnati on July 29 and receiving an inning of work Friday against the Phillies.

But the scarcity of save chances didn’t bother Wilson, who came up with the day’s best line when he was asked about it. “I’m not on commission,” he said.


You may remember that Tim Lincecum refrains from icing his right arm after he pitches. That’s one of the many aspects which makes him unique.

So it seemed a little strange on Sunday to see Lincecum with an icepack strapped to him. But it was applied to Lincecum’s right knee, where he was struck by Chase Utley’s thrown bat in the eighth inning.

To his credit, Utley apologized to Lincecum immediately (then singled to right field on the next pitch). Said Lincecum, “After I kind of gathered myself, I stood up and I could hear him say, ‘Man, I’m sorry. You gotta know I didn’t mean to do that.’ ”


Something to keep in mind: Of the Giants’ 47 remaining games, 37 are against teams with below-.500 records.

Trouble is, they’re only 32-26 against clubs with losing marks.<p/>

The Giants’ only games left against teams that currently own winning records are at Atlanta (Aug. 15-18) and against Arizona (Sept. 2-4 in San Francisco and Sept. 23-25 on the road).<p/>

Chris Haft


great article. check out my 5 reasons the giants are the best team in baseball.

Thank you. I certainly will reciprocate by reading what you had to say!

I am a big fan of both pitchers. Nicely written.

Great read . . . why is it that we (Giants) do not play better against teams w/a win/loss record of .500 or less? I’ve noticed that over he last few seasons.

I think they simply tend to play up or down to their level of competition.

I love Timmy and Weezy more than life itself. Fact.

is the beard the most feared closer in the national league?

If he’s not, he’s in the top three.

Hey Chris, you don’t want comments on your blog, and that’s fine — that’s obviously your choice, and you don’t want the silliness that fills the comment fields on some of the stories here. But PLEASE answer one question for me, in one of your updates maybe . . . WHY DOES BOCHY NEVER BUNT? In Monday’s game against the Pirates, there were two identical situations with Cabrera up, two men on and nobody out . . . the perfect situation for a bunt . . . but he didn’t, and they didn’t score. I really, truly, am puzzled about this — it just seems like a strange blind spot or something. Can you please opine on this?

Appreciate it,


Well, Joe, it appears that Chris DOES allow comments on his blog, but I agree, Bochy needs to bunt more.

Y’all have given me a mental jolt. I won’t be in Florida on the upcoming trip, but I’ll rejoin the team in Atlanta and Houston. At some point I’ll TRY to ask Bruce Bochy in a non-threatening way about his attitude regarding the bunt. Or I’ll try to get an answer from a plugged-in coach.

So Chris, I’m watching the Phillies and the D-Backs on MLB and the Giants on my computer. When Putz walked Ruiz in the bottom of the ninth, Manuel IMMEDIATELY bunted him over to second. I mean, they may or may not score — as a Giants fan, I certainly hope they will — but a bunt has to be better than the countless double plays the Giants ground into!

So did you ask him yet?

I’m with you on Wilson, by the way . . . he had a pretty good string going . . . he’ll be fine. It hurts, of course, but all the Giants have to do is stay close enough so that the games against the D-Backs mean something . . .

The beard is no longer lucky, Is it ime to be rid of hot facial hair?

I think it’ll take more than five blown saves in 40 chances for Brian Wilson to get rid of his beard.

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