Whiteside likely bound for DL; Hector Sanchez up

Friday, Aug. 19

HOUSTON — With Eli Whiteside still feeling the effects of his rough slide Wednesday, the Giants are expected to recall catcher Hector Sanchez from Triple-A Fresno before Friday night’s series opener against the Houston Astros.

The Giants have not yet officially announced the move, which was initially reported by a Venezuelan news source. But industry sources confirmed that was imminent — and necessary. It’s anticipated that Whiteside will go on the seven-day disabled list with a concussion. Whiteside plowed hard into second base with a headfirst slide on an unsuccessful stolen-base attempt at Atlanta, with his head absorbing much of the impact.

Sanchez, 21, appeared in three games with the Giants in a brief Major League stint earlier this season and went 0-for-3. He was hitting .261 with one home run and 26 RBIs in 46 games for Fresno after batting .301 with eight homers and 46 RBIs in 42 games with high-Class A San Jose.

— Chris Haft


Leave him up! I can’t stand the black hole(s) we currently have.

Sounds like we need to look at this kid Chris Watts out of Santa Clara who is doing well in the Pirates Organization. Good arm, hits for average and calls a real nice game.

I didn’t even know there was a seven-day disabled list. Too bad about Whiteside, but I’d rather see Stewart play more, anyway. They’re not much different offensively, and Stew seems way better defensively. Between him and Nate, they shut down the Braves’ running game pretty much.

BTW, I really liked “This is Our Time!” It had a lot of style and flair and humor. I liked how Baggs’s book emphasized the individual characters and yours highlighted the team effort. They were really complementary and both great reads.

DANA — Thanks for your comment about the book … both books, really! Glad you enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be writing any sequels.

So stop me if you’ve heard this one before (I know you have), but it’s the top of the fifth inning, no outs, and Cody Ross reaches on a third strike passed ball. Do the Giants bunt him over to second? No, of course not — Keppinger pops up and then Panda hits into a double play because the first baseman is holding Ross on. I mean, this really mystifies me . . . I can’t imagine why, with this offense, Bochy isn’t playing traditional National League ball and moving every runner over with every opportunity. It’s not like anything else is working . . .

Bruce has a definite aversion to giving up outs. He said the other day that bunting is OK with him in certain situations with certain personnel, but he didn’t elaborate about those situations.

Giants Sonnet #2 — August 26

the Giants have become like the Red Sox
what does this mean?

they have fans on the road
they sell out their home games

but more than that they’ve achieved
a certain animosity

because of having won it all
people delight in wishing them ill

I don’t wish to combat these people
I prefer seeing the Giants

as a gritty band of underachievers
that somehow manage to triumph

every now and then
but not this year

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