Wilson seals the deal for Taco Bell

Wednesday, Oct. 5

SAN FRANCISCO — Even if you think Brian Wilson became more of a celebrity and less of a ballplayer in 2011, his new commercial probably will still make you laugh.

Wilson is featured on Taco Bell’s latest advertisement, which will air Thursday during the Tigers-Yankees Division Series telecast. It will continue to air through the postseason on the networks airing League Championship and World Series  games.

A publicity release said that Wilson’s spot is a follow-up to last year’s commercial with Yankees close Mariano Rivera and manager Joe Girardi, in which Girardi has to call in Rivera to finish a customer’s XXL Chalupa because it’s too big.

What’s unintentionally funny is that the health-conscious Wilson probably wouldn’t eat Taco Bell products if he had a choice. But one must cash in on one’s fame while it remains possible to do so.

Chris Haft


That’s too funny! ;>)

I’ve been away from the US for 12 years and am returning next week. Will I like Taco Bell?

I think you owe it to yourself to give it a try!

You will love Taco Bell. It is the best fast food place, other than McDonald’s and Zaxby’s.

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