World Series pick: It’s in the Cards

Wednesday, October 19

ST. LOUIS — About 25 minutes remain before the first pitch of Wednesday night’s World Series opener between St. Louis and Texas, so I had better file this fast.

The smart money says that the Rangers will do what they couldn’t accomplish against the Giants last year and shall win the Series. Yes, they can hit. Yes, they can run. Yes, their bullpen is deep and overpowering.

Check All but four of their 25 baseball “experts” picked the Rangers to capture the Series. Who am I to argue with those guys?

But I believe that home-field advantage and Tony LaRussa’s managerial acumen could help the Cardinals overcome at least part of whatever theoretical disadvantage they might face. St. Louis also has Albert Pujols, the National League’s top player and maybe the best in all of baseball. That counts for something.

So, here’s my prediction: St.Louis in six games.

 — Chris Haft


Remember last year when all but 2 “experts” picked the Rangers. No one watches the World Series to see the “experts” get their pick expertly WRONG! They watch cause anything can, and will, happen.

Right team, wrong game count. The Rangers were amazing in Game 6. So close and couldn’t close the deal.

Exactly. Rangers twice needed just one strike. I should have been just plain wrong!

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