Better pull that batting helmet over your ears, Melky

Wednesday, July 18

ATLANTA — Melky Cabrera had his fun during the Giants’ 9-4, 11-inning victory over the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday.

But he probably shouldn’t get too comfortable in the batter’s box Thursday.

Cabrera, who spent what’s characterized as a less-than-happy season with Atlanta in 2010, aroused the Braves and their fans with various gesticulations he made in Wednesday’s game.

He teased Turner Field patrons in left field by throwing imaginary baseballs to them. After making a catch in left field in the sixth inning, he made what observers considered to be a taunting motion toward Braves baserunner Jason Heyward, who opted not to try to advance on the play. Finally, he celebrated a little too much for the Braves’ taste after Gregor Blanco drilled his three-run homer in the 11th inning.

The Braves noticed. Everything. Their icon, third baseman Chipper Jones, spoke dismissively of Cabrera to reporters.

“That’s Melky, and that’s why he’s not here anymore,” Jones said. “He got a little happy when I think Blanco hit the home run. That won’t be forgotten.”

The Braves won’t need long memories. They’ll probably try to settle the score with Cabrera early in Thursday’s game. Atlanta’s starting pitcher is scheduled to be Tim Hudson, who’s extremely well-versed in the laws of baseball’s jungle and isn’t hesitant to uphold protocol.

Simply put, expect Hudson to drill Cabrera with a pitch during the latter’s first plate appearance Thursday.

Whether hostilities will escalate remains to be seen. But Hudson, who’ll pitch the top of the first inning, is likely to set a tone of tension. Should the Giants choose to retaliate, Madison Bumgarner, their starter on Thursday, won’t back down from the challenge.

Teams mostly succeed in controlling their emotions during situations like this. But if things get out of hand, a genuine free-for-all could ensue. Be ready for anything.

Chris Haft


Wow, the Braves are big BABIES!! ooooooooo hoooooooooooo ooooo hooooo (how’s that annoying chant go:?

It’s remarkable that chant has lasted so long, isn’t it? Braves fans adopted it in 1991, the year the team went from worst-to-first in the NL West and lost the World Series to the Twins in seven games.

Hey Chipper “that’s why Melky’s not with the team anymore?” Cause he likes to win?

Melky took a barrage from that pitiful Braves crowd all series long. He earned the right to tell the fans to F off

Off topic. Rumor that Giants are interested in Cleveland’s closer. Brian ought to also look at Steven Wright in AA in Akron who is developing a nasty knuckle ball and throws it in the 80’s

Giants fan now living in Atlanta. In all actuality most of what was said by Atlanta’s golden boy was incorrect. I was at the two games in question. Melky was not actually taunting Hayward as he was telling Arias to get out of thw way so he could throw to third. He never even looked at second. My seats were right at the wall down the third base line. Even when he faked the toss to the outfield stands he found a kid to give it to on the way to the dugout. As far as celebrating a home run in the 11th inning after a 1 hour 20 minute rain delay and blown save in the ninth. Who wouldn’t be happy? I have lost a lot of respect for Chipper on this one. Sorry we ruined your 7 game win streak and took the series.

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