Giants’ medical staff to lead weekend seminars

Thursday, Jan. 15

SAN FRANCISCO — The Giants have recorded their first sellout of the season, except the patrons are medical professionals, not fans.

The ballclub’s medical and athletic training staffs will conduct the team’s inaugural Sports Medicine Conference, presented by Dignity Health. All sessions on Friday at the Palace Hotel and Saturday at AT&T Park, which address baseball-related maladies literally from head to toe, are full.

Dave Groeschner, the Giants’ head athletic trainer, said Thursday that he and other event organizers initially wanted to cap attendance at 200. That grew to 250, then 275. Groeschner, team orthopedist Dr. Ken Akizuki and their Giants colleagues finally ceased accepting applications when the number reached 300.

“People keep wanting to come, which is great,” Groeschner said.

Groeschner noted that he and the rest of the Giants’ medical and training staffs are eager to receive knowledge, not just impart it. He expects question-and-answer periods to be lively.

“There will be a lot of smart people there who maybe we can learn from, too,” Groeschner said. “It makes us better at what we do.”

Akizuki initially broached the possibility last year of staging this sort of conference, Groeschner said.

Naturally, shoulder and elbow injuries, as well as concussions, will be heavily discussed topics. Caring for the arms of youngsters who are beginning to pitch also should generate ample interest. That’s a subject Groeschner particularly welcomed, since it enables the seminar’s participants to “give back to the community.”

Chris Haft

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